The Seven Step Digital Marketing Plan
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The Seven Step Digital Marketing Plan

In order to grow smarter and faster than the competition, organizations must maintain informative websites, participate in social media and continually publish great content through blogs, videos, case studies, white papers, and articles. If your customers are spending a lot of time online then it’s wise to adopt an inbound marketing orientation.  Below are seven steps to create your own inbound digital marketing plan:


Step 1: Clearly define and differentiate your brand.

Step 2: Design and deploy a content-driven website that is optimized for search engines (E.g. contains blogs, white-papers, videos, case studies, etc).

Step 3: Establish measurable and meaningful campaign objectives designed to achieve the primary goals of leads and loyalty. Include staff as part of this process to encourage their involvement.

Step 4: Build an integrated campaign fueled by the four core inbound marketing strategies: Search Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and Public Relations. The success of each strategy creates momentum that drives your organization forward.

Step 5: Establish dynamic budgets that can be easily shifted based on campaign performance and analytics.

Step 6: Define campaign timelines with milestones, tasks and responsibilities.

Step 7: Measure everything, and be willing to adapt and evolve.

Now that I’ve given away my methodology I hope you can adapt it for your own needs. Sometimes the difficult part actually happens during the execution of the plan. If you need a hand I’m always a willing cook to have in the kitchen, so feel free to get in touch. I’ve got a number of tasty marketing recipes :)


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