35 Things Marketers Love (But Really Shouldn’t)
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35 Things Marketers Love (But Really Shouldn’t)

Life would be pretty boring if we couldn’t laugh at ourselves. This list celebrates all the things Marketers love to do even though they’re ultimately not all that helpful. Perhaps you’ll see yourself in this list or have something to add. Either way, it’s yours to enjoy!

1. Exclamation Points!!!
4. Making the logo bigger
5. Drinking
6. Obsessing over fonts
7. Free stock photo websites
8. Big red buttons
9. Posting to Facebook – Every.Single.Day.Just.Because.
10. Drinking
11. Retweeting anybody who mentions them or their brand.
12. Perfectly staged selfies so they look totally natural.
13. Detesting the Sales Department
14. Detesting the IT Department
15. Detesting the Design Department
16. Detesting the Boss
17. Detesting anybody who just doesn’t f*^king “get it”!
18. Drinking
19. Throwing parties
20. Saying “That’s not going to work”.
21. Saying “I told you so”.
22. Using a new social network before anybody else is.
23. Using anything before anybody else is.
24. Print ads.
25. Being a jack-of-all-trades.
26. Drinking
27. Checking their phone for notifications
28. Sleeping with their phone
29. Spending lots of money
30. Avoiding conversations that mention ROI
31. Anything to do with “Branding”
32. Ordering SWAG
33. Giving away SWAG
34. Ordering more SWAG
35. Drinking

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  1. Galen, January 13, 2017
    I read the list and realized i haven't added Schnapps to my coffee yet.......I'm better now. Reply

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