Marketing Hacks – Video Blog

Tricks are for kids but hacks are for veterans. Forget what you might already know about marketing and discover why thinking different and adopting a DIY attitude will help you stand out from the crowd. Don’t follow the rules when you can change the game – The ideas might not all be pretty but they will be memorable.


Flaman – Internet Marketing

Flaman Group of Companies is a multi-division retail operator offering agricultural equipment, trailers, grain cleaning and handling, fitness equipment, along with equipment rentals. They have …


How to Sell Your Marketing Ideas Internally

Regardless of the terrific ideas marketing might come up with, the chances of them actually being implemented depends on getting buy-in from the rest of the organization. This post is devoted to the lessons and tactics used to sell marketing ideas internally.


Why Online Advertising Delivers the Best ROI

If you have a well designed/optimized website and a good product then the most important digital marketing practice you need to worry about is paying for online advertising. Stop worrying about creating more social media posts and start making some ads – They’ll deliver more traffic, leads and sales than all your social media combined.


Marketing is a Gamble – Learn How to Beat the Odds

Knowledge is power, whether it’s playing blackjack or launching an online advertising campaign. If you don’t make the time to research or learn then you’re making the biggest gamble of all. This post provides valuable resources to help you learn how to beat the odds and make your marketing a success.


Go Home Social Media, You’re Drunk.

If your business is drunk on using free social media to have a good time then it’s time to sober up. The party is over. Here’s how to avoid the hangover.

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