How Men and Women Use Social Media Differently

social media usage by gender infographic
*INFOGRAPHIC* – Learn how men and women use social media so you can adjust your own approach to social media and ensure you’re creating the proper type of content to engage the two genders appropriately. For instance, Men are more likely to use social media for business and dating, while women for relationships, sharing, entertainment, and self-help.


The State of Digital Marketing Talent

It’s tough to find good help. Based on a recent report from the Online Marketing Institute (OMI), this is especially true for organizations looking to hire marketing professionals with digital acumen. This post provides insights into what employers and brands are looking for when it comes to digital marketing talent.


The Three Myths of Social Media for B2B

Social Media Myths for B2B
Special advice for business-to-business (B2B) organizations that are using social media for marketing – Learn how to quit wasting your time and better manage expectations. Social media will not produce immediate results, drive direct sales, or be cheap to implement. Here’s why…


What Entrepreneurship Taught Me About Marketing

Being an entrepreneur has taught me some valuable lessons about marketing that are tough to learn if you’re only just an employee. Being good at something isn’t good enough – Find out what I’ve discovered is truly important.


Branding in the Digital Age: What You Need to Know

digital branding
A good brand is built through the sum of positive experiences people have with your organization and increasingly these experiences are taking place online. How can you ensure that the brand identity you want to cultivate is being accurately represented in the digital world? Here’s some things you need to know.


Social Media Design: Image Specification Guide

Infographic! The only dimensions you need to know if you’re designing content for social media profile pages – Image specifications for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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