Special Gift: Best Online Marketing Priorities for 2015

2015 online marketing priorities
We do our best to stay on top of trends and compare that with what’s actually working versus what’s just hype. Based on this here is our gift to you – Recommendations for what your online marketing priorities in 2015 should focus on.


I Like Marketing Because I’m Good at Lying

I have a confession to make – I’m a liar. But I only do it because you want me to and so you can experience positive emotions. Marketing is in the business of emotion even if that means fabricating it. Let me explain.


Top 15 Tips for B2B Marketing

Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing is a huge industry yet there are scant resources devoted to the topic. It’s time to change that – Here are the top 15 B2B marketing tips based on a career spent doing it. Let’s get busy…


4 things I’ve learned about marketing in the past 15 years

Marketing Lessons
Marketing has changed A LOT in the past 15 years. Here are 4 lessons that I’ve learned from my experiences. I hope they help you with your own journey. This one is from the heart.


Digital Marketing in Canada Research Report

Interesting findings regarding the state of digital marketing adoption by Canadian companies from research done by Digital Giants and Vireo Research. Despite Canadian citizens being extremely connected and adopting digital media, many companies are not following suit with their marketing efforts. Learn about adoption rates, current practices, and common barriers.


The Best Way to Get More Leads From Your Website – Based on a True Story…Probably.

the best way to get leads from your website
A short story about how one discouraged marketer discovered the best way to generate leads from her website and reignited her passion for marketing at the same time. You can never under estimate the power of a determined woman.

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