Social Media Strategy

Friends, followers, and circles, oh my. Social media marketing is a great way to engage people, but what's right for you? We'll set you up, provide direction, and walk with you down the yellow brick road.

Social Identity Branding

Portray a unified and professional image online. Brand your pages, profiles, and channels to ensure you make the most of the tools available. After all, it's not about who you know; it's about who knows you.

Social Powered Advertising

Social media has become a "pay to play" platform so paid advertising is a must have.We'll help you launch sweepstakes, campaigns, and more to ensure your message is seen and voice heard.

Social Media Marketing Strategy, Branding & Promotions

People need to know, like, and trust you before starting a relationship. Social media provides a terrific opportunity to facilitate this process by listening, conversing, and engaging with others. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of only talking about yourself. It’s not rocket science, but it’s easy to get wrong if you treat it the same as advertising.


  • Social Media Plans
  • Training & Tactics
  • Account Monitoring


  • Profile Optimization
  • Follower Attraction
  • Content Creation


  • Lead generation
  • Content amplification
  • Social advertising

The Keys To Success With Social Media

Left Frame
There are a number of social spaces you can be participating in, but the first question to ask is “why?” It’s tempting to jump into all the latest and greatest social networks being hyped up in the media, but the appropriate social media strategy really depends on where your customers are hanging out online and what you’re most comfortable managing.

Truth be told, gaining customers through social media takes work and time, but so does developing any relationship. Deep Dish Digital can help you get a head start, provide guidance, and introduce you to new friends. We promise you it’s worth it.