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Marketing Recipes - Get Your Perfect Mix

Deep Dish Digital will inventory your marketing efforts, research your audience, and propose the most appropriate strategy to reach your audience online. We'll make recommendations, help you implement them, and monitor your progress.


Online Advertising & Social Media

The easiest way to get on the front page of search results or create social awareness is online advertising. Drive visitors to your website with search engine marketing and boost your social media presence with campaigns.

  • Google AdWords (Search & Display)
  • YouTube Advertising (Video & Banner)
  • Display Network Ads (Banners)
  • Facebook Campaigns (Paid & Organic)
  • Instagram Sponsored Posts (Display)
  • Twitter Marketing (Paid Tweets)

Whether your goals are brand awareness, sales inquiries, event promotion, downloads, or donations, Deep Dish can provide the perfect mix of online advertising to reach your audience at the right time in the right place.

Online Advertising & Social Media Markeitng
Search Engine Optimization


Website Search Rankings

Search engine optimization to improve website rankings takes time and effort. No one can guarantee you results, but Deep Dish Digital can guarantee you best practice advice that search engines factor.

  • Website code enhancements to ensure your site is being indexed and identified properly.
  • Improving website speed and mobile performance.
  • Content creation and keyword optimization to capture related search queries.
  • Link building through submission to popular online directories and review websites.

Our process uses a mix of both on-page and off-page optimizations to help raise your online visibility. We offer one-time packages as well as ongoing subscriptions.


Online Lead Generation

If you're driving traffic to your website or other online properties you want to make sure it's creating results. Deep Dish Digital can analyze and recommend how you can convert more visitors into customers.

  • Offers and landing pages for lead creation.
  • Optimizing the website user experience to facilitate more inquiries.
  • Creating calls-to-action that encourage users to have more engagement with website content.
  • Email marketing campaigns and automation that nurture new and existing customers.

Increasing the conversion rate of website visitors will ultimately reduce how much money and time needs to be spent attracting traffic.

Online Lead Generation

Online Marketing Showcase


Flaman Group

Over the past five years Flaman has been in the process of shifting more of their marketing to the digital sphere in order to meet the needs of changing consumer habits.

Flaman contracted Deep Dish Digital to help with their digital shift by assisting with website optimization, online advertising, and social media marketing. The relationship with Deep Dish has evolved into the agency becoming an integrated member of Flaman’s team.

Community Futures

Recommendations provided to Community Futures Saskatchewan emphasized a consolidation of their efforts and a shift towards more digital channels for marketing that could be better tracked.

Initiatives as a result of the recommendations involved the collapsing of 13 separate websites into a single website, centralized social media presence, common marketing processes across all 13 offices, and online advertising campaigns.

Lexis Homes

Lexis Homes’ website earned recognition for its execution of digital marketing by being awarded a SIMA Excellence Award for best website in its category.

In addition, Lexis Homes devotes almost all of its advertising budget to online channels and content marketing for lead generation. Deep Dish Digital has worked with Lexis Homes since 2010 to help them expand both their online footprint and market share.


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