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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Crafting Your Digital Marketing I've always been a fan of the steampunk aesthetic; I like the mashup of old fashioned widgets with futuristic technology. I used an AI image generator (Sora) to create the picture above to depict a craftsman working on steampunk technology. In a way, it's how I like to perceive myself - […]
SEO: Web Page Optimization Tips
When it comes to on-page SEO, focus on what matters most. Well organized and keyword optimized content earns rankings. Things such as your domain URL, page titles, content headings, content formatting, internal links, and image filenames represent quick wins for improving your search engine optimization. Descriptive Domain Name: One of the first signals search engines […]
Does your in-house digital marketing team lack focus?
Over the past few years there's been an organizational trend of moving more digital marketing services in-house to save costs and be more agile. However, the need for speed and efficiency can sometimes come at the expense of focus. When you change course you want to make sure you're still pointed in the right direction. […]
Use Landing Pages to Improve Advertising
Sending advertising traffic to your website's homepage or a particular service/product page will not generate results as much as having a dedicated "landing page" that has content and a call-to-action specifically related to your campaign. Why are landing pages better? For a few reasons: A landing page's sole purpose is to reflect the content and […]


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