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“Today’s Internet Is Brought To You By Gen-X”

X Rules The eWorld

I'm part of the dark horse cohort known as Generation X; the demographic blip that received some attention in the 90's when grunge music changed everything but not long enough for everything to change back again.  We're the minority squished between the bombastic Boomers and the me-first-gimme-gimmes known as the Millenials.  Technically, Generation X is considered those born between 1964 - 1980 and represent a fairly small generation of 46 Million compared to the 80 Million Boomers and 75 Million or so Millenials (US Stats).  We grew up as independent individuals with MTV,  the advent of the Internet, the decline of the nuclear family, and rising divorce rates.  Not a lot of credit has been given to Gen-X since we fell in between the Boomers relentless efforts to stay in the spotlight only to be usurped by the Millenials rabid quest to steal it for their own.

Although small, Gen X now represents the eagerly sought after 30-45 year old demographic that typically has the most purchasing power and disposable income for consumer goods. We strongly influence the economy and politics but it's all done under the radar.  In fact, the US Census Bureau (2009) cites Generation X as statistically holding the highest education levels when looking at age group. We're the quietly productive generation that will soon rule the world and are currently responsible for some of the most important changes to modern culture commonplace in the 21st century.  This is a wake up call: Gen-X marks the spot.

Gen-X uses modern technology, in fact we invented a lot of it. You can thank us for such things as eBay, Yahoo!, Google, Wikipedia, Blogger, MySpace, and Twitter; all companies started by Gen-X peeps.  The whole dot-com gold rush was built on the backs of many Gen-Xers.  Many of the technologies invented by this generation have changed the way business and life is conducted online.  From eCommerce to Social Media, it is Gen-X that primarily led the way.

We hold a unique position in today's society; although a somewhat forgotten generation Gen-Xers are now in positions of influence and have a solid grasp of many modern technologies   We relate enough to the Boomers that we can sympathize with their fear of technology and have the patience to help them through it while also understanding the Millenial's perspective of not being able to live without it.  We are keeping things together and easing the transition into a post-modern world.  We are a bridge.  To put it in the eloquent words of author Jeff Gordinier, "Generation X got the shaft but can still keep everything from sucking".What are your thoughts?  Here we are now, entertain us.

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