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Digital Marketing Is Easier Said Than Done

The internet is the best marketing medium for economically reaching an audience with targeted messaging where results can be accurately and quickly measured. But, doing so effectively is elusive for most organizations. Many organizations lack the skills and resources to succeed because they've been hoodwinked into believing that digital marketing is easy and cheap to do.

The reality is much different. Digital marketing has many facets that require many different skills. Below is a list of common vocations we have pulled from career postings looking for digital marketing personnel. Spoiler Alert: No one individual possesses all of these with proficiency. In fact, few digital marketing agencies can even offer all of them (present company included).

Financial Modelling
Web Programming
Data Analytics
Software Administration
Graphic Design
Public Relations
Content Creation
Videography & Photography
Omni-Channel Advertising
Social Media Management
Market Research
Search Engine Optimization

Expecting a digital marketing hire to possess all of the above is like expecting a cabinet maker to possess all of the trades required to build you a modern home.

Digital marketing requires a team of people who possess different yet complementary skills that work in coordination. Hiring one person or a single agency to do all of the above is not realistic nor will it deliver optimum results.

So what are organizations to do?

Find a marketing professional with strong communication and business skills who possesses a digital aptitude. Let them focus on their strengths and outsource the rest. If you want to go fast you can go alone, but if you want go far you need to go together with a team.

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