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How to Measure Social Media Efforts

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I've been doing a lot of reporting on the success of social media efforts lately and there's some interesting things I've learned. Below are the key metrics you should be measuring from the perspective of evaluating brand awareness and/or customer service:

Social Media Metrics That Matter

Follower growth rate
The net percentage growth of followers over a time period. Use this handy percentage calculator to do the math for you.

Share of social media as source of traffic to site
Use Google Analytics - Acquisition Report > All Traffic > Channels > Social

Click through rate (CTR)
The ratio of people that click on content links in your social media posts. This rate is calculated through dividing link clicks by impressions. Aim for at least a 1% CTR.

Engagement rate
The ratio of people who interact with your content (like, favourite, comment, share). This rate is calculated through dividing engagements by impressions. The target engagement rate depends on your industry and audience size.

Post content popularity
The content on your website that is most viewed as a result of social media amplification.

Inquiries from social media
The number of inquiries/questions you are getting directly from social media platforms.

Response time to inquiries
The average time it takes for you to respond to comments and inquiries in social media. Most people expect a response within hours and 24 hours at the most.

The above metrics are the baseline measurements I would recommend but your situation may differ. Pick and choose which are most applicable. 


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