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Does your in-house digital marketing team lack focus?

Over the past few years there's been an organizational trend of moving more digital marketing services in-house to save costs and be more agile. However, the need for speed and efficiency can sometimes come at the expense of focus. When you change course you want to make sure you're still pointed in the right direction.

Altering marketing processes and building internal teams is easier said than done. Adding a Digital Marketing Manager to your staff won't accomplish the job alone. Just like hiring a carpenter won't be sufficient to install electrical or plumbing when building a house. Digital marketing, like building a house, requires a number of different specialties working together on the same plan for a sustained period.

Unfortunately, in-house digital marketing teams can sometimes be scattershot due to competing priorities and being at the whim of how management is feeling that day. It's tough to be focussed when you're being pulled in multiple directions.

If you want a digital marketing team that's focussed, it requires seven key components working in unison that drive traffic to your website. The below graphic represents the digital marketing framework you'll need:

digital marketing framework

This is it - Just seven components you need to focus on in equal parts. Too often internal teams get hung up on one or the other and lack coordination in tying everything together. Or they only have staff that are skilled in one particular area but are expected to do everything.

Adopting this digital framework is not hard, but does require planning and appropriate staffing. Speed and efficiency are best achieved when they're coordinated.

If your organization needs help bringing focus to internal digital marketing efforts, we're glad to help. Our mission is helping organizations identify the systems and trends that can improve their marketing. You can contact us by sending an email or calling 306-229-9437.


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