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Three Best Social Media Marketing Tools for B2B
Choice is good. However, choice can also be overwhelming and according to Hicks Law it takes considerably longer to make a decision when more options are introduced. At some point too many options are detrimental to the decision making process and this can lead to paralysis by analysis.  If you're a business-to-business marketer, I hope to save you the brain pain and anxiety...
The Marketing Secret to Google’s Success

Me and Google are on a first name basis. We're like peas and carrots me and the Googs.  Well, I know them on a first name basis at the very least and when I do a search on myself using their magic machine my name comes up front and center...

Five Pillars of an Internet Marketing Strategy
In 2010, 81% of Marketing Managers intended to increase digital initiatives while scaling back spending on traditional items such as radio, television, and print advertising according to an Ipsos-Reid survey from November 2009. The digital initiatives receiving the most attention are digital infrastructure, search engine optimization, and social media integration...
The Revolution Will Be Downloaded

"You can't fight the future". This is a saying a former boss of mine often used that stuck with me.  Ironically, he didn't subscribe to the philosophy himself, but that's another story.  The point is things change and you either have to adapt or be left behind...


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