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The Revolution Will Be Downloaded

"You can't fight the future". This is a saying a former boss of mine often used that stuck with me.  Ironically, he didn't subscribe to the philosophy himself, but that's another story.  The point is things change and you either have to adapt or be left behind...

The Most Important Part of a Website Design
Everybody thinks they're a designer. Just like everybody thinks they're a good driver.  But there is a big difference between being a good driver and being a race car driver.  The same thing can be said for web design; there is a big difference between having somebody who thinks they have good taste lead the design for a website and an actual designer who...
Five super ways to “mobilize” your marketing
A post about mobile marketing is long overdue. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but this is an area I have considerable experience in having developed the mobile website practice at zu communications, managed a number of short code SMS campaigns, and led the strategy for one of Canada's most popular iPhone applications...
The Essential Toolkit for Internet Marketing
Some days it can seem overwhelming, you're just trying to keep up and not make mistakes while having the constant pressure to produce more results and be more productive.  Well, I hope I can save you some time and stress by sharing a few tools that will make your life easier and marketing better...


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I know what you’re thinking – “What can a guy from Saskatoon know about online marketing? Also, that picture is a bit self-indulgent, buddy.”

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