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Which is Better? Google Ads vs Facebook Ads
Let's get ready to RUMBLE! Introducing in the blue corner, Facebook Ads. Fighting out of Menlo Park, California with a record of delivering ads to people based on their interests and demographics. Mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Introducing in the red corner, Google Ads. […]
Deep Dish Celebrates 10 Years! Tales of an Unlikely Voyage
It's amazing how time flies when you're travelling at the speed of business. Deep Dish Digital was founded ten years ago (January, 2010) at a time when the world was still recovering from the Great Recession. The economy was facing head-winds, unemployment was up, and advertising was down. The conditions to set sail on my […]
Digital Marketing Is Easier Said Than Done
The internet is the best marketing medium for economically reaching an audience with targeted messaging where results can be accurately and quickly measured. But, doing so effectively is elusive for most organizations. Many organizations lack the skills and resources to succeed because they've been hoodwinked into believing that digital marketing is easy and cheap to […]
Busting the Myth of Content Marketing
If you've been sold on content marketing or you're committed to producing a specific amount of content, STOP. COLLABORATE AND LISTEN. Deep Dish is back with a brand new invention. Here's some tips to bust the myth of content marketing and start generating results. If there was a problem - Yo, I'll solve it. If […]


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