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The Future of Digital Marketing is Now
Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash – A Free Site for Web Images. Marketing is an expense. Rightly or wrongly, most organizations only spend on it when they can afford it. And spending on the wrong things can be disastrous. We all know the Covid-19 pandemic forced many organizations to digitize their sales process so they […]
Marketing Goals, Objectives & Tactics
Nobody wants to spin their wheels when it comes to getting marketing results. We’re anxious to do things that make an impact. This often leads to jumping into things like betting your entire marketing spend on social media ads because that’s where we think the people are. However, before jumping into tactics it’s important to […]
Do Not Run Digital Ads Until You Do This First
Putting together digital advertising campaigns across search, social, display, and video is getting easier every year. Platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are continuously upgrading to automate the process as mush as possible. The easier they make it, the more businesses will use it, and the more businesses will be rewarded. Makes sense, right? […]
Digital Marketing for Business-to-Business
Sometimes marketing gets a bad rap in business-to-business sales since vendor selection is often more dependent on relationships. But, Covid-19 has turned the high-touch approach on its head – The opportunity for face-to-face meetings has declined substantially. We know Covid-19 has caused a dramatic increase in online consumer retail sales, but what does the shift […]



I know what you’re thinking – “What can a guy from Saskatoon know about online marketing? Also, that picture is a bit self-indulgent, buddy.”

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