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Digital Marketing for Business-to-Business
Sometimes marketing gets a bad rap in business-to-business sales since vendor selection is often more dependent on relationships. But, Covid-19 has turned the high-touch approach on its head - The opportunity for face-to-face meetings has declined substantially. We know Covid-19 has caused a dramatic increase in online consumer retail sales, but what does the shift […]
How to Measure Social Media Efforts
Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash I've been doing a lot of reporting on the success of social media efforts lately and there's some interesting things I've learned. Below are the key metrics you should be measuring from the perspective of evaluating brand awareness and/or customer service: Social Media Metrics That Matter Follower growth rate […]
5 Unconventional Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business
This article originally appeared on the FreshBooks blog by freelance journalist, Heather Hudson. It has been re-published with permission. Solopreneur Harley Rivét doesn’t always play by the rules. As the president of Deep Dish Digital, a Saskatoon-based marketing company, he’s dedicated to finding unique ways for organizations to engage with their online audiences. We caught up […]
Digital Marketing: How To Always Be Converting
There's a famous line from the movie Glengarry Glenn Ross when Alec Baldwin's character states the ABC's of sales are to "Always be Closing". This has always stuck with me and I've modified it slightly to apply to digital marketing  - The ABC's of digital marketing are to "Always Be Converting". In order to always […]


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I know what you’re thinking – “What can a guy from Saskatoon know about online marketing? Also, that picture is a bit self-indulgent, buddy.”

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